A Sound Strategy, Inc. is a full-service software development and enterprise web development firm.  What sets us apart from the competition is our over 20 years of high-quality high performing websites and web-based software solutions.

Founded in 2004, ASSI has been at the forefront of new web technologies and techniques.  Having built over 1000 web sites and solutions, few firms can claim our level of experience.  From banks to universities, to government agencies, small & medium businesses to non-profit organizations, ASSI has solved complex problems for nearly every kind of industry.

Our flagship software platform, siteMaster, has been used by every one of our software clients to solve business problems like:

  • E-Commerce
  • Event Registration & Ticketing
  • Membership Management
  • Content Management
  • Document Management
  • Intranet/Extranets
  • Mobile Content Delivery
  • Scholarship Management and Tracking
  • And Custom Solution Development

In fact, we often refer to siteMaster as a “White Box” development platform.  The fact is, all of the functionality mentioned above is available to all of our clients at the time of set up.  We then work closely with our clients to develop the solution that meets their specific needs.  We are NOT a cookie-cutter do it yourself company.  We take great pride in working with our customers to craft the solution that is right for them.

This just in time development approach is rare amongst software firms today.  Most are only interested in getting you on their platform and then letting you figure it out on your own.  Not us.  Schedule a demonstration today and let us show you why your next project should be built on siteMaster and by A Sound Strategy.