Social media means a lot of things to different people.  To some it means sharing photos to others it means sharing stories and memories or gossip.  It can be all of those things and more.  Engaging your customers should be more than getting them to join your social media page.  Successful websites offer their visitors a reason to come back time after time.  Whether its for a helpful tip, a cool movie clip or photos of family and friends, your site has to have compelling content to get visitors to return.  With the siteMaster platform, A Sound Strategy can build you an engaging web presence that keeps your visitors on your site longer which can lead to more opportunities to close a sale.  Whether its a community calendar or a chamber of commerce site with an enhanced membership directory, your content needs to stand above your competitor's.

To see an example of siteMaster in action, visit  This site organizes all of the events in the Pocono Mountain Region of Pennsylvania for over 150 organizations.  Each organization has their own unique id and is responsible for entering and updating their own event content.  In addition, every event on the calendar can be shared using an embedded social media share widget.  Every solution built with siteMaster is mobile friendly which will ensure that no matter what device your end user is on, the content will display appropriately.

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