SiteMaster® Digital Media

SiteMaster® Digital Media

SiteMaster® Digital Media

SiteMaster® Digital Media, a robust proprietary platform created by A Sound Strategy, Inc. is our answer to ensuring your publications presence on the web. With a keen sense in architectural design, SiteMaster® Digital Media’s enhanced platform delivers the functionality and timely ease-to-use interface required for today’s digital platforms. SiteMaster® Digital Media platform consists of a number of moving pieces working seamlessly together to deliver an enhanced experience for your readership.

• Content Management
• Membership Management
• Event Logistics Management
• Audio Streaming Live and on Demand
• Video Streaming Live and on Demand
• Multimedia Management
• E-Commerce
• Subscription Management

Membership Management

Allows organizations to leverage the web to automate and organize its member listing and profiles. Replacing single source spread sheets and a variety of databases kept by responsible employees, SiteMaster® Digital Media empowers members with a private login password to update their own online profiles and events via the Internet.

Streaming Audio & Video

SiteMaster® Digital Media gives you the ability to easily manage live or pre-recorded video and audio events.

Subscription Management

SiteMaster® Digital Media offers custom built solutions which gave users the ability to deliver subscription based services to their customers.

Advertising Benefits

Return on Investment - the ability to offset cost by selling digital ads space on your site, solicit subscribers, launch a weekly newsletter, etc.
Audience Engagement - expanded local coverage and readership with video and streaming capabilities
More Selling Opportunities
Added Benefits for Existing Advertising Client Base - up-sell opportunities , sponsorship opportunities, etc.


Global Reach - Digital publishing has the advantage of reaching readers beyond regional boundaries.
Mobile Optimization - Content is organized for easy reading on small devices such as smart phones and tablets.
Faster Publishing and Distribution - Digital newspapers reach and engage audiences in a short time. SiteMaster® Digital Media platform is designed for easy and fast uploads of content.
Eliminates Revenue Loss From Unsold Inventory -Digital publishing enables you to sell copies of your current issues without having the expense and logistics associated with unsold copies.
Better Knowledge Of Your Readers - SiteMaster® Digital Media enables a publisher to track how a reader engages with a digital newspaper based on tracking every mouse-click. This information will serve as captured data that can be used to identify most preferred topics by the readers, giving publishers the opportunity to proactively enhance future publications to meet the readers interests.



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