Event Management

Event Management

Event Management

Our Event Management Module transforms a static web-based calendar of events seen on many web sites today into a robust, enhanced organizational tool to manage date driven events. It can help users categorize and promote events to audiences via the web.

siteMaster 2.0 for Performance Venues

For establishments such as a performance venue, siteMaster 2.0 can promote and manage upcoming performance events while giving potential attendees detailed information and/or videos on historical events. It expedites the process of scheduling, research and archival to get relevant information to the public. Beyond the expansion of public exposure, our flexible database can store and access detailed contact information such as biographies, photographs and other profile data to easily attach information to historical and upcoming events or in its podcasts or other media files. With siteMaster Social we can also integrate e-Commerce into the solution allowing an organization to sell tickets and other merchandise without the need for third party applications.

siteMaster 2.0 for Sponsorship Organizations and Communities

For sponsorship-type organizations, our event management module stores sponsor contact and profile data, including website links, logos and other pertinent information, to incorporate such information into event packages at the touch of a button.

Mobile Event Management Module

Mobile versions of the siteMaster Social event management module carry web-based information automatically to mobile devices, allowing users expedited and expanded exposure of events, access to live events and ability to play audio of podcasts of past events captured in the event management system.

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