Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

As we all know, social media has become an excellent communication tool. Experts ourselves, we believe coupling your website with social media is a great way to keep the conversation constantly engaging with your clients.

What NOT to do

For some, social media integration means sticking a few buttons on your website that link out to social networks. The problem with that is you're taking a client or potential client away from your site, only to be distracted in the hysteria on social media websites.

How to integrate social media

Instead you should bring the information and communication from you social media accounts into your website. Doing so will give you the ability:

1. Keep your clients on your site longer - pull in different social avenues from twitter feeds to YouTube video and allow your clients to view them directly from your site.
2. Let your customers know what sites you are on - this way they can like or follow you and socially share your website content, products, photos, video, etc with their followers

What's New

Keeping the conversation fresh and entertaining will also bring customers back to your site to see "what's new." Instead of going directly to social media for information about your product, they will get into the habit of searching your site for the information.

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