Love to type? Want to be heard and engage with you audience? siteMaster 2.0's forum & blogs are the perfect platform that can set your business apart today and for the future. There is only one limitation… your imagination.

Print is becoming obsolete

After many years of being the number one source of information, print is rapidly becoming obsolete.

While, for many business owners, this may seem hard to imagine, the reality is that we will use a combination of email, blogs and forums to engage with our customers. Will your business be ready?

siteMaster 2.0 can help make the transition so your customers do not have to go further than your website to communicate directly with you.

The siteMaster 2.0 forum and blog platform is unique because allows you to sign into an easy to use backend, created different folders and post forum or blog topics directly on your website. This is advantageous because it keeps the lines of communication between you and your customers open and it also keeps them on your website longer instead of opening a new tab and taking them to a third party blogging site or a forum filled with your competitors information as well.

Here are a few ways our customers have made siteMaster 2.0's forum and blogs a part of their business:

  • Restaurants post recipe ideas or ask for feedback on a dish.
  • PR firms post marketing tips.
  • Music venues engage with their followers to promote artist information and concert details.
  • Resorts host competitions to engage with their audience and keep them on their site.

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