Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones

siteMaster 2.0 puts customers in the palm of your hand… and you in the palm of theirs!

Did you know?

• Over 87% of businesses have websites, but only 7% of those websites are specifically optimized for mobile viewing.
• In 2012 Google launched mobile search which specifically favors mobile optimized sites, and favors local companies.
• Today 47% of all email is read on a mobile device.
• In 2011 more smart phones were manufactured than PC’s.

You have two chances to create a mobile website. Create it now, and be ahead of the competition, or create it later and be chasing them.

siteMaster 2.0 is your solution. Current siteMaster Social users can upgrade to mobile easily. New siteMaster Social users automatically have mobile capability, and can purchase the optional custom mobile “skin”.

What is mobile optimization?

A mobile optimized website includes three primary factors:
1. Your content is organized for easy reading on small devices such as smart phones and tablets.
2. Meta tags are added so your website automatically renders differently depending on the users device. PC and mobile versions are both served by the same web address. These tags are also favored by search engines.
3. Your web pages and content are delivered in smaller files for rapid download, even on slower phones.

For most businesses, mobile is increasingly important. For local companies and consumer services, going mobile is absolutely essential.

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