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siteMaster® CMS

Using siteMaster as a basic foundation, choose from a wide array of management tools that allow you to easily customize, update, manage, schedule and organize your your business operations without the need for technical software expertise.


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siteMaster® Cart

Have you ever wanted to sell items online? With siteMaster® Store, securely sell goods or services directly from your own website without the need for a intermediary services.

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siteMaster® Live

siteMaster® Live is committed to providing you with the resources to manage and share your events as efficiently as possible. Enhance your website's entertainment capability by streaming live and/or pre-recorded audio and video.

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siteMaster® Mobile

For most businesses, mobile is increasingly important. For local companies and consumer services, going mobile is absolutely essential. Let siteMaster mobile be your soultion.

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siteMaster® Touch

siteMaster® Touch is a revolutionary way for you to organize and share your images, products, menus and videos on a tablet. Our cloud based storage and media management tool is designed to make organizing a snap.

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About A Sound Strategy, Inc.

The web has evolved. Has your company's web presence evolved also? If not, you need to look at siteMaster. The developers at A Sound Strategy have built what many are calling a revolutionary advancement in web management platforms. With its 'event-centric' approach to navigation and organization, siteMaster is poised to change the way you think about what you can do with a website. From associations and event planners to resorts and theaters, siteMaster has solved problems for a vast array of clients...Read More.

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