E-Commerce used to only be for one type of business... those in the middle. Small businesses couldn't afford a good e-commerce system. Large businesses with complex products couldn't complete transactions because shopping cart software wasn't available for extremely complex or custom products.

Today, every business is an e-commerce business. The most highly customized or deeply complex products and services can be sold and sometimes even delivered over the web. Even small businesses today often generate more revenue from online sales than their bricks and mortar counterpart.

If your business doesn't do business on the web, you won't be in business for long.

Not All E-Commerce is Created Equal

siteMaster Cart is the most customizable and advanced e-commerce store software on the planet.

Here's why... every siteMaster website is designed around your business and their needs. This robust platform with modules can empower any type of company that wants to put transactions on the web.

Some carts are great for retail. Others are solid wholesale carts. Other systems manage donations. Still others do electronic products very well.

Because siteMaster is designed around your business, your online store can be tailored directly to the needs of your customers, members, or third party payers.

Here are some examples:

  • Hotels can take reservations and guests can pay online
  • Restaurants can sell gift certificates or offer coupons
  • Manufacturers can sell retail, wholesale or both
  • Non profits and political campaigns can accept donations and automatically deliver tax receipts and have effective record keeping
  • Retailers can sell products with a wide variety of shipping options
  • Wholesalers can sell by the case or the pallet, or even the container.
  • Service businesses and health care can accept payments and appointments online.
  • Companies that sell products and services, such as auto mechanics can sell both online
  • Software and other electronic documents can be sold, delivered, and licensed for customer ease and publisher security

siteMaster Cart is an integrated solution that acts as a bridge between your website and your bank account.

siteMaster Cart can be integrated with a wide variety of payment systems, payment processors, reservation systems, and accounting software. Your siteMaster website can be a stand alone store, or completely integrated into your current business practices.

Sales is Only Half the Battle

Any company can make sales online. However, managing information is just as important. With siteMaster Cart you'll have real time data that keeps your customers informed and your operations smooth.

  • Track inventory
  • Collect customer information
  • Track orders and shipments
  • Organize multiple warehouses or drop shippers
  • Track gift certificates and coupon codes
  • Track revenue by product or category
  • Track sales tax and VAT
  • Track cost of goods
  • Calculate marketing success and ROI

Selling goods and services online empowers businesses even more when it's supported by the data and information you need.

Call us to learn how siteMaster Cart can change the way you think of e-commerce.